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To provide the most comprehensive evidence-based resource and support guide on copper toxicity to help people get real answers to their symptoms and questions; provide much needed research and education to the medical community and general public on the topic; turn the tide of awareness so women may one day receive the fully informed consent they deserve before being put on birth control, and increase professional and social support and understanding for all those affected.  


"Many of the most prevalent metabolic dysfunctions of our time
are related in some way to a copper imbalance." ~ Dr. Paul Eck

What is Copper Toxicity? ...In Summary At a Glance:

  • Copper Toxicity is a build up of stored bio-unavailable copper in the body. The liver is the primary storage location. The brain, a secondary location.
  • Birth control pills, copper IUDs, vegetarian diets, copper piping, and estrogen are just some of the contributing factors that have made copper toxicity a growing epidemic.
  • Though copper is an essential mineral, not all copper is ‘safe’. Copper sulfate used on crops for example is a known toxin. "Excess copper is poisonous to all forms of life, and copper overloading is responsible for several human pathologic processes"[66].  “Copper becomes toxic when it accumulates in the body's tissues in excessive amounts” (Pfeiffer, 1975; 1987)
  • Copper offers many health benefits at a 'healthy' level, however rarely mentioned is that the benefits reverse with excess copper.  Energy turns to fatigue. Cognitive clarity turns to brain fog.  Fungal control turns to candida.  Positive emotions turn to depression and apathy.   Other common symptoms include racing mind, insomnia, thyroid hypo-function, burn-out, depression, panic attacks, even Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, and cancer [67] can all also be linked to copper toxicity.
  • The higher the degree of copper accumulation, the higher the degree of bioavailable deficiency
  • As detox often brings to the surface some of the worst symptoms, detoxing excess copper needs to be done slow and gently to avoid anxiety, panic and other uncomfortable reactions. 
  • Copper toxicity is one of the most widespread yet misunderstood epidemics of our time, and is a major factor in many of today's most prevalent conditions. It should therefore be a key route of investigation for any of the above mentioned symptoms. 

Commonly Spread Misconceptions That Hinder Greater Understanding:


  • 'Blood tests provide an accurate measure of copper status'.  (Fact: Excess copper is stored in tissue, not blood.  Blood can show 'normal' even when the body has high copper levels in storage).
  • 'The public at large is copper deficient and therefore needs increased copper intake'. (Fact: Much of the copper 'deficiency' in the West is caused by excess copper exposure which eventually leads to a lack of bio-available copper).
  • 'The key is to simply raise the ceruloplasmin (Cp) level'. (Fact: Protocols that focus on raising Cp often ignore that inflammation & infection can also cause Cp to rise, thus a rising Cp level can be misleading).
  • 'Copper doesn't cause XYZ symptom.'  (Fact: Many copper toxicity symptoms may not be directly attributable to copper itself, but to understand the health connection one needs to take into account the cascade of changes copper causes across the mineral system, each of those imbalances in turn having their own set of symptoms, with copper as a catalyst).
  • 'Zinc is what's needed to balance and detox copper'. (Fact: Zinc may at times be needed but must be administered carefully to avoid often significant adverse reactions. Other nutrients, such as manganese, are also required to release stored copper, and it is via bile, not zinc, by which copper is excreted). 
  • 'There is a blanket protocol that can address this'.  (Fact: Safe rebalancing is best based on each person's unique tissue mineral profile and symptoms. Blanket protocols that suggest zinc or copper for everyone, or conversely tell everyone to avoid zinc or molybdenum, or push chelation...such messages should be red flags as 'one-size-fits-all' protocols help some but can be damaging to others).  
  • 'Hair analysis testing is not accurate'.  (Fact: hair analysis, when it follows proper testing protocol and includes correct interpretation, still provides the most accurate insight into copper toxicity status (short of liver biopsy). 
  • 'The body rebalances itself once the copper exposure is removed'. (Fact: Though the body 'tries' to regulate itself, and while at the blood it does, the copper imbalance can often last a lifetime hidden at the cellular & tissue level if not addressed). 
  • 'The problem isn't copper at all, it's iron.' (Fact: Numerous factors over the past half century have led to an explosion in copper retention. This excess exposure in the long term affects the adrenals which in turn can negatively impact Cp. This causes increased copper bio-unavailability which then, as a result, can lead to a buildup of bio-unavailable (ferric) iron.  

Tens of thousands of women (as these cases provide a glimpse of) have lost their health (in some cases even their lives) because of ongoing medical denial, shifting of blame, the intentional blocking of information, and lack of societal understanding surrounding copper toxicity.  The public falls victim to the mass amounts of false information on the Internet.  It is the aim of this site to provide evidence-based guidance and support based upon thousands of hours of dedicated copper research, clinical practice, decades of proven mineral-based science, and, not to be forgotten or ignored, the human experience.  It is for those affected, and for the generations ahead, that we can make a difference by breaking down and moving beyond these widespread misconceptions.    


A Health Epidemic Ignored by the Medical World

"Virtually all MDs, including psychiatrists, still have not heard of this health problem. They practice medicine and psychiatry with an incredible lack of awareness that such a serious health problem even exists. They claim to be practicing “evidence based medicine”, yet they are practicing without the most basic evidence – real laboratory data showing the presence of excess (toxic) copper that has a profound effect on both the physical and mental health of the vast majority of their patients. Ever since Carl Pfeiffer, MD, PhD first wrote about the devastating health effects of copper toxicity in 1975, it has been a challenge for him and others among us to get the message out to the public and health professionals. Until medical doctors and other “health” care practitioners begin to study the mind/body’s mineral system especially as it is reflected in HTMAs, the medical / mineral disconnect will remain.  Without HTMA data, medical doctors will not recognize the epidemic nature of the copper toxicity problem. Today, the time is ripe for getting the copper toxicity message out to the public."    ~ Dr. Malter, Ph.D.


Copper toxicity may sometimes be referred to as hypercupremia, though it is a misleading term since hypercupremia literally translates to mean 'high copper concentration in the blood' even though blood levels are almost entirely irrelevant in assessing copper toxicity. Symptoms of copper toxicity can very much exist even when blood levels are normal or low. Another erroneously used term being used recently, copper dysregulation, while it eludes to the body's inability to regulate copper due to low ceruloplasmin, is a narrow-minded view that fails to address the bigger picture of why we have this epidemic in the first place, not to mention completely ignoring copper’s proven toxic attributes at high levels. Copper toxicity, as research has shown since the 1970s, is far more than just a dysregulation issue that can be ‘fixed’ by regulating ceruloplasmin.  Our modern epidemic of copper toxicity is largely the result of ever increasing exposure to copper with each new generation over the past half century, a concept of paramount importance that is trivialized by using the term ‘dysregulation’.​ Copper toxicity, in the context of this site, differs somewhat from Pyroluria (a genetic condition in which the individual produces excess kryptopyrrole which in turn causes B6 and zinc deficiency).  Copper toxicity, though sharing some similarities with Wilson's Disease, is different in that the latter is an inherited & rare genetic disorder which, like copper toxicity, causes copper to collect in the liver, brain and other body tissues, but has a more dire prognosis than copper toxicity, and for which a different treatment approach is required. As the majority of people have a copper imbalance, copper toxicity should not be seen as a black or white 'label' that defines a person, but rather is a progression to varying degrees of accumulation along a continuum. 

Overview of Copper Toxicity


Copper Toxic Society - Dr Malter, PhD


Copper Toxicity Fact Sheet


Sections of This Site


Key Symptoms

List of key symptoms of copper toxicity and why often you'll have symptoms of both deficiency and toxicity


Estrogen / IUD / The Pill

The close connection between estrogen and copper, and how use of the Pill and IUD have contributed to rising copper levels. 


Food Exposure & Digestive Effect

A look at certain diets which exacerbate copper toxicity, and how excess copper in turn affects digestive health.


Effect on Emotions & Relationships

Though sometimes referred to as a 'love mineral', this can be misleading as the opposite emotions of fear, apathy, and depression take hold as excess copper accumulates.  As a result, copper toxicity can devastate relationships.


The Calcium Shell

An explanation of the emotional deadening effect of high tissue calcium ('shell') which forms as the body's ultimate defence against stress in the face of excess copper. 


Cases & Stories

A collection of more than 100 experiences and stories shared by women affected by the IUD and/or copper toxicity.


Affect on Adrenal Health

Copper is both stimulating (initially) and exhausting (eventually) on the adrenals, leading to fatigue and possible burnout.



One reason copper toxicity is misunderstood is due to an over-reliance on blood testing, even though the blood level has almost no correlation to stored tissue copper. Learn here about testing methods.


Detox and Healing

Nutritional and copper detox considerations for safely addressing copper toxicity - and how attempting to detox too quickly can have damaging consequences.



This PDF presents the basic cause and effect flow as copper accumulates in the body.


Link to Alzheimer's

Despite all the "studies" out there trying to find the cause of Alzheimer's, it seems one link is fairly clear - copper!



This full length educational documentary brings together several of today's leading experts in copper toxicity. 



 If you think you might struggling with copper toxicity, this page provides a step-by-step overview for a suggested path forward.


Why Copper Toxicity Remains Unknown

A look at the existing environment that promotes false information on copper, suppresses awareness, and even blocks the public from receiving this information. 


References & Resources

Additional resources for further reading and study, along with the list of references used on this site.


To move into a healthier world where we can offer better help and support to women affected by copper toxicity, a great paradigm shift in our approach to health is needed.  We need to move away from the current model of relying on blood measurements as the key marker of copper status.  Nutritional authors, bloggers, and social media forums discussing copper need to begin educating their readership on the dichotomic relationship of copper whereby most copper ‘deficiency’ in the West is caused by excess.  Spinning a narrative on widespread copper deficiency is great for the marketing of products that contain copper, but leaves people in the dark behind the real reason of their 'deficiency'.  Copper toxicity is not magically solved by adding more copper (even if it's bioavailable copper) into the body, or by dangerous protocols that claim to be an answer for everyone yet address no one bio-individually. We need to acknowledge that copper toxicity is far more than just ‘dysregulation’, as by focusing merely on internal ‘dysregulation’ we’ll never come to address the broader external causes of copper toxicity. Doctors and sexual health websites discussing birth control should be warning of the possibility of copper toxicity and the associated physical and mental changes that can occur, a right to informed consent that every woman deserves to have.   Practitioners working with copper detox need to be educated on, and in turn educate their patients on, the potential psychological changes that may occur just as equally as they focus on the physical.  Lastly, the fields of both medicine and nutrition need to provide far greater education on the pivotal role minerals and mineral imbalances play in all aspects of health.  Clearly, there is a lot of work to be done, but we can all do our part.


About the Author

Rick Fischer is a Certified Health Coach, advanced HTMA practitioner, nutritional speaker and educator, author of The Healing Workbook (a 12 week guide to healing injury and illness by addressing diet, gut, and mindset), and creator/instructor of the game-changing mineral-based nutrition and health course Mineral Mastery. His life was profoundly impacted by copper toxicity - witnessing the toll it took on his beloved fiancée and the loss that followed from a post-burnout copper detox guided by blood status and without counsel given on the psychological changes that occur during adrenal burnout and the mobilization of excess copper.  Vowing not to allow the heartbreaking loss not serve a greater purpose, Rick has since devoted his life to furthering the research in this field and helping others by bringing increased support, awareness and understanding to the copper toxicity epidemic. The more his research advanced and he began working on the front lines with hundreds (now thousands) of clients, the more he saw the devastation in people's lives, health, and/or relationships as a result of adrenal burnout, copper toxicity, and the subsequent detoxing process when incorrectly administered.  In the 6 years since Ricks mission began and this site was created, discussions around copper toxicity are becoming now more mainstream, more practitioners are adopting HTMA for proper testing, and the support for women struggling with copper toxicity is greatly improving. Though copper toxicity continues to be misdiagnosed and mistreated by many practitioners, flat-out denied by some, and even purposely suppressed in some cases, the tide is most certainly turning in favor of one day this information becoming common knowledge.  Rick is a passionate advocate for advancing awakened nutritional awareness and providing informed consent for women on birth control, and is at the global forefront of helping those affected by copper toxicity and improving education on the role mineral imbalances play in human psychology, physical and mental health, energy, and relationships.


"This site is dedicated to a forever beautiful woman, inspired by her warmth, love,  and our shared dream of helping women and girls with nutritional knowledge, health and personal growth. I hope through this research we as a community can offer greater support, guidance and understanding to those struggling through copper toxicity,  providing people in general and women in particular with vital nutritional knowledge, while also reducing the risk of associated symptoms in our children and future generations."


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