This site began as a work of love after witnessing the heartbreaking effects of copper toxicity in a loved one; and so that 2 little girls can grow up in a world that, hopefully, will one day provide more informed consent to women being put on birth control. Today, this site is about stepping up to give a voice, to connect the dots, and to provide real answers to women experiencing side effects and changes stemming from, in many cases, their copper IUD. It's sad and frustrating that though this information has been around for decades, most doctors can't be bothered to learn about copper toxicity.  It’s tragic to hear story after story of women being told by their doctor that the copper IUD is a 'safe alternative' because it's non-hormonal; or that their symptoms are all in their head. The copper IUD is of course not the only source of copper toxicity, and even men’s health is affected by this epidemic. Yet, even after 40 years of warnings, copper toxicity remains largely unrecognized or misunderstood by allopathic medicine and practitioners who continue to rely on blood testing for diagnosis. For the sake of women's health everywhere, we can do better.  Through this site, and expanding upon the research and writings of some of the pioneering experts mentioned below, we hope to increase much needed public awareness and education surrounding copper toxicity and the role mineral imbalances play in physical and mental health, energy, and relationships.  


 This site is dedicated to a forever beautiful woman, inspired by her warmth, love, 
 and our shared dream of helping women and girls with nutritional knowledge, health and personal growth.
 I hope through this research we as a community can offer greater support, guidance and understanding to those going through similar struggles, providing people in general and women in particular with vital nutritional knowledge that can unlock a door to the rediscovery of their highest and healthiest potential, while also reducing the risk of associated symptoms in our children and future generations. 


"I'm so thankful that you have put this on my radar.  I see around me families being horribly let down by their doctors and the mental health system, families being literally torn apart due to unrecognised copper toxicity, and I want to do something about it.  It breaks my heart to see so many that are so obviously being affected by this, who are oblivious to the harm that birth control and other medication is causing; not to mention the legacy they are unwittingly passing on to each subsequent generation." ~J. Hainsworth


Beyond the author's own experience, training in HTMA, case studies, and working with many hundreds of copper toxic clients, much of the information provided on this site is based on the life work of several pioneering doctors and experts in this field. A few of these individuals who have given us so much knowledge and deserve recognition include:

Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, PhD., MD  (physician, biochemist, specializing in orthomolecular psychiatry focusing on schizophrenia, author of Mental and Elemental Nutrients...)
Dr. Eck (widely considered the authority on the science of balancing body chemistry through hair tissue mineral analysis and founder of Analytical Research Labs)
Dr. Watts, PhD (Dr. Ecks past partner at ARL, and founder of Trace Elements Inc (one of the two top hair testing labs in the U.S.), as well as its Director of Research)
Dr. Rick Malter, PhD (40 years experience working with copper toxic patients as a licensed clinical psychologist and nutrition counsellor. A leader and teacher in the field of HTMA, and author of "Shrinking the Judge, Freeing the Inner Child" & "The Strands of Health")

Dr. Hans Selye Ph.D., MD  (pioneering endocrinologist, Nobel prize nominee, acknowledged as the "Father" in the field of stress research)
Dr. Lawrence Wilson, MD  (a student of Dr. Eck who, for over 30 years, has focused on nutritional balancing science and copper toxicity research).
Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman (pioneering leader in the field of nutrition, columnist, functional and integrative medicine advocate, and author of "Why Am I Always So Tired")
Dr. Weston Price (considered the "Isaac Newton of Nutrition, medical researcher, and author of "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration")
...and the many others, not mentioned here, who have devoted their work to bringing greater awareness and understanding to copper toxicity and mineral imbalances in general.

Questions, comments, need support? Feel free to reach out: info@coppertoxic.com

"Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way" ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

About the Author

Rick Fischer is a Certified Health Coach, advanced HTMA practitioner, nutritional speaker and educator, author of The Healing Workbook (a 12 week guide to healing injury and illness by addressing diet, gut, and mindset), and creator/instructor of the game-changing mineral-based nutrition and health course Mineral Mastery.  His life was profoundly impacted by copper toxicity - witnessing the toll it took on his beloved fiancée and the loss that followed from the psychological changes of a post-burnout copper detox.  Vowing not to allow the experience not serve a greater purpose, Rick has since devoted his life to furthering the research in this field and helping others by bringing increased support, awareness and understanding to the copper toxicity epidemic. The more his research advanced and he began working on the front lines with hundreds (and now thousands) of clients, the more he saw the devastation in people's lives, health, and/or relationships as a result of adrenal burnout, copper toxicity, and the subsequent detoxing process when incorrectly administered.  In the 5 years since Ricks mission began and this site was created, discussions around copper toxicity are becoming now more mainstream, more practitioners are adopting HTMA for proper testing, and the support for women struggling with copper toxicity is greatly improving. Though copper toxicity continues to be misdiagnosed and mistreated by many practitioners, flat-out denied by some, and even purposely suppressed in some cases, this information is getting out there and the tide is most certainly turning in favor of one day this information becoming common knowledge.  Rick is a passionate advocate for advancing awakened nutritional awareness and providing informed consent for women on birth control, and is at the global forefront of helping those affected by copper toxicity and improving education on the role mineral imbalances play in human psychology, physical and mental health, energy, and relationships.


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