100+ stories / cases

The cases on this page are the tip of the iceberg representing the many thousands of women who've experienced physical, emotional, and psychological changes after becoming copper toxic from the copper IUD, vegan diet, or other causes...as well as some of the reactions to detox.

In the 1st section are stories contributed by a few women who hope their experiences with copper toxicity and/or birth control can offer support, clarity, and hope to others who's health and relationships are being affected.

Below these first 10, the stories continue, with snapshots of the experiences of so many dozens more, all of whose lives were affected, relationships damaged, and health deteriorated as a result of the copper IUD or subsequent detox process. 

If you are struggling with copper toxicity, or experiencing changes in your mood while being on the IUD, know that you are not alone. 

10 women share their stories

My Experience Using Birth Control

"I had severe menstrual cramps throughout my high school days (even collapsing from the pain on three occasions), and my family doctor suggested I should take birth control to help. I was 18, and I began the pill.

 For the next 15 years I was on a variety of birth control pills. The positive is that it did help with my menstrual cramps. They were more manageable and I loved the fact that my cycles were regular and predictable. 

 However, throughout this time, I struggled with anxiety and depression, and even had anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills prescribed a few times. On the anti-depressants my weight fluctuated and I didn't feel better or notice any change, except what I would describe as a state of numbness.  So, I decided to wean myself off of the anti-anxiety/anti-depressants. This was difficult to do though because the surges of negative emotions grew, and I experienced some really dark days. I had attempted suicide on many occasions, but each time I chickened out. I couldn't understand what was wrong with me. I felt weak and ashamed. 

 Throughout this period I NEVER once wondered whether what I was experiencing was somehow linked to the birth control I was on. Instead, some months I attributed it to hormones, and most of the time just wrote it off as bad PMS. I didn't talk about it to too many people; I was afraid of being judged, afraid of being accused of being weak-minded.

 In addition to the emotional ups and downs, a few curious symptoms persisted: I often felt restless to the point of nausea, I was ALWAYS fatigued, and I felt cold even in what was to everyone else a comfortable temperature. Additionally, after just one year on the pill, my hair started turning grey - I was only 19!  In the years that followed it began thinning out quite rapidly. I also developed IBS and had digestive issues. Again I simply assumed that this was how I was 'programmed', and never attributed any of this to the birth control I was on.

 I eventually decided to have my first child, and I vowed then that I'd never go back on birth control. It wasn't because I attributed the birth control to my experiences - I didn't.  It simply felt wrong to pump my body full of hormones - and I decided that it couldn't be healthy to have hormones mimic pregnancy. It took me 8 months to get pregnant once I decided to have a child in my early thirties and my doctor said that the delay was most likely due to having been on birth control for so long. 

Two months after I had my child I had a copper IUD inserted. It was presented as a safe and effective alternative to going back on the birth control pill. I subsequently had the Copper IUD in my body for the next 3 years. 

 After a few months being on the copper IUD, I noticed that I was becoming emotionally charged. The smallest thing could set me off, and I was crying almost every day - often hiding in the bathroom so my partner didn't find out. I naively attributed and rationalized this period to my increasing fatigue.  Under the surface though I felt like I was weak again, being a bad Mom for feeling so overwhelmed and emotional.  Looking back, it seems I was certainly experiencing some degree of post-partum. 

 Within the first 4-6 months of my daughter being born (after a few months on the copper IUD), I was consistently experiencing surges of negative emotions, increasing emotional numbness, restlessness, and anxiety. I recall mentioning to my partner that I felt different, like I wasn't myself. I was feeling irrationally emotional every day. We both agreed at the time it must have been due to the lack of sleep.

 Over the course of the next year, with the copper IUD still in place, I started to feel that my body chemistry was changing.  Things I had liked prior would now turn my stomach.  I continued to feel restless, anxious and my emotions were so irrationally charged.  My 'smell' and that of my partner's seemed to change, and I no longer felt any attraction toward him.  I often told myself that I felt 'psychotic' - one minute being fine, then suddenly exploding with tears or anger at something that was trivial. I was afraid to speak about this to too many people, afraid that indeed something really was wrong with me and that I may lose my daughter if people thought I was too unstable. I needed to be strong.  My partner of course noticed the change.  We had stopped connecting and had become more like room mates. I physically felt an aversion to him and I couldn't understand how this aversion had become so strong, so fast, or why.  I often felt confused, like my wires were getting crossed, and I had trouble recalling things, even finding simple vocabulary. I was frustrated and by now had convinced myself that I must have a brain tumor.  I had some tests done, of course they all came back fine. 

 By the time I decided to remove the IUD, in the off chance it was responsible for the physical and emotional symptoms I was experiencing, it was too late for our relationship. By this point, due to my withdrawal we had ceased communicating and connecting. There was nothing left, and it was irreparable by this stage. 

 It's been over a year since I had the IUD taken out, and I've not been on any form of birth control.  I don't feel 100% better yet or 100% myself yet but the cloud has lifted and the surges of emotions have decreased, just in the last few months. It feels like the tornado inside is subsiding. I feel more calm and more at peace emotionally, although, many symptoms continue: my hair continues to fall out, and my periods remain heavy.  

I have recently come to learn about copper toxicity, and the connection between birth control, hormones, and rising copper. I am amazed to learn how the symptoms I've been experiencing, from the fatigue, greying hair and hair loss, depression and anxiety, to the irrational emotions and numbness toward my partner at the time, are all very typical symptoms of copper toxicity which, in my case, can certainly be attributed to my years on the pill and copper IUD.  I have recently had an HTMA test done which indeed confirmed copper toxicity in my system. As of today I am on a mineral balancing program to try and repair the damage done and am under the guidance of a holistic health coach.  I hope to report back my progress and in another 4-6 months do another test to see if there has been improvement.   I attempted going back on the pill one month ago, but after the first couple of weeks the irrational emotions and uncontrollable crying spells returned. I now know that anything that raises copper (such as the estrogen in the pill) is like poison to my system and that my body and mind cannot tolerate it.  I refuse to let my life and relationships continue to be ruined by hormonal and mineral imbalance which my history of birth control has profoundly caused me." ~R.T.

Discovering Copper Toxicity Through hTMA

"My name is Joanie and I have Copper Toxicity.

My story begins about 7 months ago when I began my search for Birth Control. I was not very fond of birth control in the past; I never liked how it made me feel. I wanted to avoid hormones of any kind because of that. That is when I found the Paragard IUD. No hormones and 99% reliability! I thought I had found the perfect birth control. The IUD was in place by the end of September.

Flash forward one month. Things began to change. I began to have anxiety over the smallest things, a change of tone or a mistake would send me spiraling. My sensitivity levels rose to a new high. I could not handle being in any stressful situation. I cried over everything, even a seemingly normal commercial. By the end of October, I had two panic attacks. My stomach was in a constant knot and I felt so nauseous. Nausea and anxiety became a pair; whenever one would arrive, the other would follow. I went to doctor after doctor and all they provided were nausea pills. I began to be OCD about what street to take, where to set my cup, what to wear. It just kept getting worse. I would wake up in the morning and my mind would not stop turning. Thoughts running in circles. Everything felt wrong.

The more time went on, the worse things became. Fatigue and depression worked their way into my life. Followed by despair and problematic negative thoughts. By the middle of November, I had a massive panic attack and had to stay home for two days. I did not feel like myself. I did not sound like myself. I began to think, “I am going insane.”

My relationships suffered greatly. I did not want to talk to any of my friends. My roommate was breaking up with her boyfriend and yet I could not be there for her; the stress was too much. I had to avoid it. I no longer felt empathy. My job was unmanageable. I am an Early Childhood teacher in an inner city school. You can imagine the daily stress. I began to fail as a teacher. I could not connect with my students; I could not handle their emotions and needs. I felt like I was losing control.

The worst part of this experience is that I did not know why I was feeling these things. Naturally, I began to place blame. I blamed my roommate for her stress. I blamed my coworkers for their negativity. I blamed my relationship. This was the worst blame of all. Being in a new relationship is all about getting to know someone. At this point, my boyfriend and I had only been together for five months. We were still learning each other. I began to deteriorate before his eyes. My whole personality changed. My true self is relentlessly positive, empathetic, logical yet emotional. Who I became was a paranoid, anxious, negative storm cloud that could not make it through one night without getting upset. We began to fight. I began to distrust him. I began to constantly freak out as to why I was getting so upset, why I felt so lost. I kept fighting with my mind. I knew I loved him. I knew he was an amazing man. So why was I knit picking our relationship? Why was I feeling so much despair? Is he the one? That became my obsession. It got to the point where we could not go two days without a serious conversation or a fight.

I began to lose hope. I have never felt so low in my life. I sought out therapy.  I began to believe that this is just who I am now. This is what all the terrible deaths, stresses, tragedies in my past had lead up to.

That all changed on one fateful day at work. I began to do research for a special needs child in my classroom when I decided to type in mood swings + Paragard.  

BOOM. There it was. Copper Toxicity. The exact symptoms I had been experiencing. I began to read every page I could find about being copper toxic (there is not much out there). That is when I stumbled across coppertoxic.com. I felt in my chest that this was the cause of my drastic life change. I decided to contact Rick Fischer to try to receive more guidance on the topic.

Since that day, Rick has been my go to. He has guided me through every question and concern. Rick has proven countless times that he is here to spread awareness and do what is best for those who are experiencing copper toxicity, no matter the cause. He has reached out to other practitioners to help me find a way to get better closer to home. He truly was a huge support for me since the beginning. After I heard about the hTMA hair test, I decided to get it done about two months after my IUD removal.

The hTMA test was the biggest sigh of relief. Not only did I now have proof that I had a copper overload, I had a way to get myself back to being my healthy true self. I was not going crazy. The test together with Rick’s report gave me guidance on how to eat, what supplements to take, and how to detox lightly to ensure my symptoms will not come back full force. More importantly, the hTMA test was a tool for sharing what I had been going through with my loved ones. The hTMA test showed the proof of how I had been suffering. That the copper is not who I am. This test has been a tool for strengthening my relationship. My boyfriend has become the most amazing, supportive partner. He ensures that I am eating right. He listens to every concern I have. He holds me on my bad days, and goofs around with me on my good. He has become my teammate in getting my health back. This experience was undeniably difficult and still has its struggles. I continue to feel the symptoms at certain times, such as in the morning or closer to my more hormonal times of the month. Yet I am finally starting to feel more and more like myself. I have learned so much about my body, about mental health and about relationships. Copper Toxicity was the most challenging yet transformative experience that has happened to me.

I am so lucky to have discovered coppertoxic.com only three months in to the IUD. I can only imagine how much I would have lost if I had kept it in longer. It kills me to know that our health care system does not validate Copper Toxicity. It hurts to know of so many others suffering because their practitioner was uninformed of the dangers of birth control and copper. I can only hope my story can begin to spread awareness. Copper Toxicity affects all aspects of your life, but with the proper diet, supplements & support system you will get your life back.

I encourage all of you to have an hTMA test and reach out to Rick Fischer for guidance. It saved my quality of life and for that, I am eternally grateful."  ~Joani

Physical & Emotional Detachment... and the Healing Journey

"Things took a turn for the worst five years ago when I had a copper IUD put in. For me while I was copper toxic my entire life when I had a copper IUD put in it pushed my body farther than it could handle and started to take over almost every function in my body. Within months of having the IUD placed I went from having normal periods to heavy, painful, and overly emotional episodes starting 10 days before I would bleed. Then the anger and fight or flight started. 

This is where I started to detach. Physically and emotionally from the world around me. Everything started to change as I become more and more numb. Take fighting, when I started my last relationship or even with my old career when I would have a fight with someone I would do what most women would do, find a place to cry to myself quietly and distance myself from the conflict until I could think about it and return to talk about it. Gradually, that healthy and calm response faded. When faced with conflict I would panic, yell, freak out, and just act crazy. I would just “go” so quickly and expect the opposing party to keep up with me or just get more angry with them threatening all of the worse things my mind could come up with to get my way. 

This was not me. Even months earlier I had never acted like this. What was happening was my body was slowly going into fight or flight reactions when I was stressed. My adrenals in response to the IUD started working in overdrive to get the copper out and tell me something wasn’t right. I had adrenaline and cortisol running through my body every minute of every day. I could no longer relax no matter how hard I tried. 

As I got worse and worse, I started to not even need an argument to be put into this frame of mind. I was in a constant state of anxiety and didn’t even know it as it came on so gradual as the copper levels rose. A world event would make me obsess, someone within ear shot doing something I didn’t like, hell not getting to set up my environment and belongings around me how I felt they best suited would receive these over the top responses. 

I became paranoid, anxious, and emotionally completely detached. I remember one time even crying to my husband how I couldn’t feel anymore and how life had lost it’s colour and how I felt I had no connection to the world or the people in it.   

Eventually, I started to blame everything around me. I blamed my family, I blamed the country I was in, I blamed my past, I blamed my work - any story I could come up with why I felt so stressed and detached I would latch onto because when you feel this way nothing is enough, no one is enough or can do enough for me because I could never get relief and relax. 

I would break out in crazy hives anytime I would go running, my periods and PMS were getting worse and worse with each cycle, I lost all sexual sensations/feelings and interest and I was more and more going through the actions of life rather than feeling them... Eventually my husband shut down on me. I mean can you blame him? He met this lovely, adventurous, loving, connected woman who fought fair and was reasonably stable, and slowly I evolved into someone we both didn’t know, or honestly didn’t want to know.

So after a particular large fight again falling 10 days before I bled I said enough was enough and went to the walk in clinic...  (the doctor) said she had seen over the last couple years a lot of women coming in with the same sorts of problems and a copper IUD. She couldn’t tell me why this was happening and knows that all the literature says the copper IUD is safe but could only tell me what she was seeing with her own patients and asked if she could take mine out. UH, yes! So I had the evil little thing removed that day. 

The detox and the recovery were one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. It was painful, lonely, and heartbreaking for nearly 6 months, I lost so much weight as the copper poured out I was less than 100lbs, but slowly things improved. My moods balanced, the weight returned, and a new vitality showed in my eyes and face I hadn't had for years.

I’m writing my story here because there’s so little information online right now about what it is like to live with copper toxicity and how it can literally rob you of your life. I’m hoping if I share my story I can help others not lose years of being connected with the world around them like I did. If me sharing this helps even one woman it’s worth it."

~Kirby Amour

(You can read more about Kirby's story and journey here).

Paranoia and Dark Thoughts

 "I just wanted to let you know your website (coppertoxic.com) saved my life. I got the copper iud put in in Nov of 2016. The first thing that happened 2 months later was a pure paranoia/annoyance of people’s voices. Then it escillated and I had the darkest thoughts I’ve ever experienced in my life, racing in my head with near crippling paranioa, anxiety, and heart racing that was nearly murmurs. I went to therapy and got diagnosed with ocd. I confessed weird things that happened in my past to people. I kept seeing myself drinking bleach (tmi) and wrote down that I was extremely suicidal at urgent care. I couldn’t watch the news. I was paranoid. I would call it beyond paranoia. My therapist looked at my history and blamed my mom. They put me on extremely high doses of Prozac which did nothing. 

I was in therapy tensed up until my bones nearly broke for 7 months. I called my partner at the time crying every single day (he called me selfish and why was I acting this way). He then left.  I’m still trying to get over the fact that a guy would leave and not care when he found out. His breakup line was “your mental health is effecting my mental health.”   He told me to not contact him anymore. It’s been impossible to move on. I still want his concern because it was so bad, & I would have been there for him if I could.

Meanwhile I had the darkest thoughts imaginable and was cripplingly paranoid every day. I finally got the thought that it might be the IUD and my gynecologist rolled her eyes at me like she’s heard that before and she wasn’t going to believe it. Even though she knew the chill me before I got it in, she was just like “anxiety is not possible from the IUD it all stays in the uterus, stay in therapy!”  I left the copper IUD in for one more month thinking maybe it’s just me, becoming worse and worse. 

Your website was the thing I took into my therapists office saying “this has to be it”.  Without this information, I don't know what I would have done.

I got it out (even though my gyno rolled her eyes) and I ended up speaking to another doctor and 2 naturopathic doctors who set me on the right track. My therapist called me at night after a holistic doctor confirmed it ACTUALLY was copper toxicity and said “I am so sorry.” 

I’m back to myself after a year and I forced myself to post traumatic thrive.  It was so dark in my head that I will never view the world the same.  I posted about it on Instagram and immediately had a woman telling me that she was separated from her family and kids because of it.  I don't think women get much sympathy for it and it's heartbreaking how little doctors know and how they are quick to dismiss it. The story of your fiancé touched my heart. You have my highest respect for the work you’ve done and it has not been in vain." 


Remembering Who I Was Before the IUD


"Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how amazing I am feeling. 

This time last year I felt doomed, dark and a shell of a person. 

Since I had the IUD removed in November things were shifting but reading your workbook and being able to shift my mindset and believe in myself again - I am very grateful. 

The rage I used to feel has gone, I can deal with my emotions a lot more clearly and logically. I think when I emailed you I was really concerned about my mental state, in hindsight it was increasing in intensity and paranoia that I believed Michael was the cause and was trying to make me lose my mind because he hated me.  Those feelings are no longer there only ones of gratitude for the strength and commitment he had not only the last year but the 6 years that I wasn't "me".

He has helped me journal all the symptoms over the years and then also ones that intensified last year. It is scary as I don't remember. Once I realized I wasn't in that calcium shell and to be able to talk (which I would always fly off the handle) he told me things that I have no memory of. But I know just by the hurt and sadness in his eyes it's all genuine. 

My hair loss has stopped and fatigue has lifted. I no longer have hypersomnia 3 day sleeps... I can nap for 30 mins and get back up and continue. I have energy for my children. 

Michael purchased a sauna for me in December and I have been using that. I still do have days when I will have racing mind/thoughts but I feel I can control them better. 

I've also embarked on my food journey. I stopped my 3 double espresso a day habit in January and taken up green tea and apple cider vinegar.  I’ve also switched to charcoal toothpaste and started LCHF way of eating. I still take all the nutrients you recommended, they helped me immensely. 

I won't say I am back to normal, as I don't remember what it feels like to be me 6 years ago. I am getting stronger everyday but most of all I am happy and aware. 

I do at times need Michael to reassure me that I am "doing good" but that's just to ease my mind I guess as I am scared that this newfound energy/happiness- will leave and I will return to a dark place again. But I journal those thoughts and am able to move on and not have them occupy my mind as they would have. 

My major concern is my memory. It seems to be getting worse. At times I wonder if a memory I do have is real or something I made up? 

I know that my journey /detox may still be far from over but just the last 3 months has been like a light has been switched on."

Feel Like My Heart is Shut Down


"I’m so sad to say that copper has made relationships impossible for me.  I am with a man that loves me very much and does understand copper toxicity to a greater degree than most.  And for this I am more grateful than words can say.  It breaks my heart to feel the insane jealousy that I experience and have for a long time due to the suspicion and paranoia copper produces. I feel like my heart is shut down and I can’t feel love and passion.  A part of me feels ‘dead’ and has for a long time. I can feel the higher consciousness feelings of joy, love, passion, etc but I feel an abundance of the negative ones - doubt, fear, worry, jealousy, this awful ‘flat’ feeling. 

I hold on to the hope that I will recover from this because I am making measurable progress in my health, energy, ability to take supplements I never could before. I also strongly suspect copper toxicity is much more than something that just happens to us. I believe that my own personal karma has created an opportunity through copper toxicity and all the other things that go with it for accelerated ascension.  Learning to love and accept and forgive myself is essential in healing from copper toxicity. Now I am understanding the link between the two and would not have had I not ‘experienced’ it."   ~D.C.

Hair Loss and Negative Thoughts

"…In early 2015, I was seeing my hair come out in clumps, yet I had gotten my iron back up once again. Finally in March of 2015, I was noticing I had ruminating negative thoughts--not at all like me!! What the heck was this about?? So by April of 2015, I did serum testing of copper and zinc and there it was: high copper, relatively low zinc–they have a see-saw relationship!  Another important test is hair testing, also called the HTMA, since not everyone is lucky with blood testing as I was. Finally, a good indication is high calcium, which I had and is called the calcium shell, but didn’t now the connection to high copper! ... Right before I started to detox the first time in April 2015, and when my copper had to be sky high, I noticed I had ruminating fearful negative thoughts. My brain must have been loaded with copper by then, as copper is a known neurotoxin. The second time around in 2016, and as I was entering the third month of detoxing, I noticed depression was creeping in, irritability, impatience..."   

[You can read more about Janie's experience with copper toxicity, and Elaine's, here.]

I Was Numb to Everything

"My partner and me broke up as well.  He didn’t give a shit, he couldn’t understand what was going on, geez I was struggling to work it out myself. It was like half my brain shut down and only kept the basics going.  I was numb to everything almost like emotions had been shut down and I just didn’t feel anything, so him leaving meant nothing at the time, it was actually a relief, one less person to think about. The thing is that’s not me and I knew that but I couldn’t do anything at all about it and that was scary. He left me and yes he was frustrated as he couldn’t understand what was happening to me.  

I now understand why zinc made me so sick, so I worked to support my adrenals through my naturopath but I found as my body got healthy my body wanted to dump the copper anyway which shut my mind even further.  I had an HTMA done which showed the copper off the charts and the calcium shell and I worked on balancing things from that point but that’s when all the dumping started."   ~P.L.

Husband & Son Wanted Their Mom & Wife Back

"My husband and my son both had break downs because they wanted their mom and wife back.  I am crying as I write this because I remember that pain of watching my son lay beside me in the bed and cry… I can’t even imagine the pain it caused my husband. I was a vibrant, funny, outgoing type of woman and then one day I literally went to sleep and woke up a fragile, weepy, scared, sickly little girl…. I had a lot of mental issues as I began detoxing. My mood swings were uncontrollable. I lost friends on the way.  There are still people today that don’t believe the IUD did all that to me, but I know the true story and my husband knows the truth.  Today, 2 years of detoxing later, I appreciate everything God has given me and I do not take anything for granted today."  ~ S.F.

My Daughter's Suicide

I would like to share my daughter's story. After just 6 months with the Paragard which she thought was completely safe and all-natural per her doctor, my daughter took her life in April 2018. She was 19, a National Merit Scholar, an RA in her dorm at the Univ. of Southern California, and one of 28 students selected out of 1,000s for the Writing for Screen and TV program at USC. She also won 3 student Emmys and a coveted, paid internship for her upcoming summer. She was happy and excited about her future and had zero history of self-harm. She started getting panicky and manic shortly after getting her copper IUD in Sept 2017. We never thought to connect the two.

I have since found all this information about how harmful the copper IUD can be for some women regarding psychiatric problems. I had snipped her pony tail off at the mortuary and had it tested. Her virgin hair, never colored, was maxed out with copper. I am next having her blood tested but it is complicated as I am having to go through the LA coroner's office.

Finally, a second mother whose brilliant daughter also attended USC and took her life a year before my own, contacted me and through happenstance, mentioned that her daughter also had the copper IUD for 8 months before suiciding and had many of the same symptoms.

What can be done to make Paragard educate doctors about this? There is nothing about the potential for developing psychiatric/suicidal symptoms in the Paragard warnings. Why is this when there are studies out there proving it?  I was so disheartened when I talked to my daughter's gynecologist. He wouldn't even entertain the possibility that the copper IUD is harmful for some women or could have been a contributing factor in my daughter's suicide.  ~Cynthia

75+ Experiences with the copper IUD

Women are so frequently denied the support they deserve as practitioners continue to dismiss the idea of copper toxicity or that the "non-hormonal" copper IUD could possibly lead to emotional side effects.  Likewise, relationship counselors are rarely educated on the destructive role copper toxicity plays in so many relationships. With copper nuanced as an emotional mineral, it's easy to misinterpret this as a positive, when the fact is excess copper gives rise to negative emotions and disconnection.  The continuing list of stories below aims to shed light on this blaring area of medical ignorance, providing evidence and education to those counseling (including on relationships), and hopefully too through strength in numbers can serve as a tool of empowerment for women who want their doctors to simply listen. 


"I had the coil put in around 6 months ago....From then on...Insanely tired, no amount of sleep is enough...visual disturbances/light sensitivity. Very easily confused, forgetful, DISCONNECTED and emotional...Sudden REGULAR anxiety attacks and heart palpations in non-stressful situations...Random muscle pain all over...gained so much weight in the face and waist ...my doctors seemed to want to deny it and sway me away from removing, as if we make this s**t up and over react!" ~Emma

"While I had the IUD I suffered from extreme dizziness, anxiety, panic attacks, brain fog and some other symptoms. I, too, felt like I had been poisoned and as if I was loosing my mind ... and I felt very depressed, just like you described it: unable to feel happy or enthusiastic about anything. During the last month with the IUD I basically couldn't do anything due to my physical and mental symptoms. The first two weeks after having it removed were absolutely terrible for me - I've never experienced that much anxiety in my life. I was absolutely unable to relax and also experienced some paranoia and agoraphobia...My boyfriend was abroad for one month while I suffered most from my IUD. I'm sure that if he hadn't been away the relationship wouldn't have survived.  ...Just remember that you are not 100% to blame for how you acted towards your boyfriend - you were suffering from copper toxicity." ~Sissi

"I got the COPPER IUD 6 weeks after having my son - 3-6 months later I started feeling “different” and the incessant pain started.. then my friends and family started to see a “Change” in me... WAIT... “ITS NON HORMONAL”...I have been to my doctor every 3 months since ...DIAGNOSIS “anxiety and stress” - multiple times I said “ITS MY IUD”——— response “it’s non hormonal- there is no such thing as copper toxicity” ... I had it removed last week and went in yesterday because I could barely walk... again ... “it’s not your IUD— we will test you for copper but we rarely do it because it’s not likely”. ...I was at the doctor for 4 hours on wed morning PLEADING FOR ANSWERS. DIAGNOSIS——- ANXIETY —- PRESCRIPTIONS—- ANXIETY MEDS. I was screaming at this doctor to “PLEASE LISTEN TO ME” as a HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL MYSELF.  One doctor was amazing and tried to find answers but still “it can’t be your IUD” .. the other doctors just pushed me aside.  This [IUD] not only TRAUMATICALLY affected MY LIFE- MY KIDS - MY FRIENDS - MY PARTNERS- MY EMPLOYMENT- HOW I HAVE REPRESENTED MYSELF FOR 2 YEARS —— I am livid and so incredibly devastated." ~Anna

"I have lost everything to this shit...am currently going through a divorce over things I did/my behaviour at the height of the copper problem.  I take responsibility for my actions but also know I wasn't myself then."  ~Jaime

"Mine has been out 14 days ...my marriage almost ended because of my iud" ~Amanda

"I have had my paraguard in since May and I am more and more irritable as the days go on. I do not feel like my happy self." ~Kathleen

"I wish there were more awareness regarding this. I cant believe all the doctors I brought this up to brushed it off and smirked about it. People are really suffering." ~Sash 

"I have had the IUD for two years.  I don't want to have sex at all. I never think or even want it. It's not that I don't love my husband. I think something is wrong. I easily experience mood swings even when I am not PMS. I have been dieting on a low fat vegan diet. I have a hard time concentration and I just feel like I get worse and worse and I am pushing my husband away. My marriage is falling apart." ~anonymous

"A big part of the side effects for me was feeling numb toward my fiancé, depression, and constant guilt. I felt guilty all the time for not "feeling the love" toward him. However, one night I finally opened up to him about how I felt, and that was the first step of recovery for me. It would be difficult for your fiance to see the connection if she hasn't compared her experience with other women's. I was completely lost and convinced that I was losing (or had completely lost) the love for my fiancé." ~Jennifer 

"Broke up with my boyfriend because of the mental issues that the Paragard caused and almost lost him completely." ~Tamara

"I’ve had my iud out for about 4 months now. ..The copper dumps were literally unmanageable, I’d lay in bed and sob, day and night, hating my life, my marriage and my husband, and plotting my divorce and escape. (I love my husband and we have a great marriage. No it’s not perfect but I don’t feel this way AT ALL about him.) All the not-perfect things were screaming at me and lying to me and it was just so terribly bad. I can honestly see how copper ruins relationships. I felt like I could feel my brain literally going insane. ~Lindsey 

"A big thank you to you for all you do. I’m one of many whose lives were destroyed by the Copper IUD + a vegetarian diet. When I look back on my decisions and my personality change that started nearly 11 years ago, when I was 15, I am horrified to my core and deeply, incredibly saddened. It is clear to see I went from a confident, compassionate, spiritual, multi-talented honors student...to a hateful, violent, very lost runaway who ended up in an abusive relationship with a homeless man, then escaping that one to end up in another abusive relationship... Even as I have been detoxing I was blaming myself for being of weak character to have found myself in those situations, but now, nearing the end of my detox I fully credit the Copper IUD with poisoning my brain and driving those improperly rationalized choices...Long story short, I got tested for copper poisoning and lo and behold...I try not to think of the time lost and just focus on gratitude that I’m finally living my best life.... Anyway, thank you!!! Your website is saving lives!!!" ~Anonymous

"I was fine for the first 5 months (besides heavier periods) but after that chronic fatigue, weight gain, anxiety, panic attacks, skin issues, extreme brain fog and tiredness crept up. Panic attacks got so severe."  ~Daniella

"i have had my copper IUD for over 3 years, since then i've had many health issues including acne, anxiety, carpal tunnel, and LOTS of digestive issues." ~Yasmine

"I had it put in in July 2017 and by September I started having terrible anxiety and other symptoms. I'm wondering how you explain this rollercoaster to those close to you? My severe depression, fatigue and anxiety have hurt my relationship with my friends, family and fiance. I am finally feeling clear headed and I'm trying to repair my relationships and get back to the old me." ~Sheli

"I have been on birth control for about 10 years. Two years ago I had the Mirena IUD and then 1 year ago I had the Mirena removed and Paragard put in. My life has devastatingly changed for the worst. I have brain fog, memory problems, weight gain, terrible acne, concentration issues, extreme fatigue, awful mood swings, crippling anxiety and just recently bad dark thoughts. These symptoms are not what my life consisted of 3 years ago. I am a happy, healthy, energetic and confident 27 year old- usually. I have been diagnosed with...ADHD, depression, anxiety, stress...the list goes on. I know my body and I know something is terribly wrong. I’m not crazy, doctors have just not listened to me... I want to fight this and get better for my wedding in 11 months. I want to be the happy wife to my husband. ~Lindsey

"I had the IUD for four years and my relationship went through multiple breakups because of my anxiety - I'm one month off and still suffering but am also starting to see how hard it's been on him." ~Margarita 

"Have had it 9 months. It has completely changed me as a person. ..I am always tired, im always on an emotional rollercoaster up and down, mainly down angry and weepy, no sex drive, bloated, cant lose weight just staying the same give or take afew lbs, sore head and fogginess all the time, nauseous, heavy periods the list goes on and on... I feel so sorry for my husband and kids. Its like living with a demon for so long now." ~Keevavlr

"I can not think how different my life would have been if I hadn't had this stupid coil put in.  My fiance (ex) left me 3 months ago after struggling for the 2 years that we were together with my absolutely crazy behaviour...anxiety, nausea, fear, depression, stress, tiredness that was all consuming, fainting, low libido (which for a new relationship was quite awful), and an absolute confusion about what was going on. I had it out in february and started feeling better almost immediately. 4 months down the line I had the worst copper dump I had had... doctors were saying that the coil wasn't the issue that I needed therapy and professional help." ~ Rowenna

"I've had my paragard IUD in place since August of 2012... and have had many, MANY complications since. I started gaining weight, anxiety and depression, and just an almost constant feeling of dread like something bad was going to happen. ...it is absolutely mind boggling that this has been happening to so many woman and hasnt been more publicized....A list of some of the symptoms I have noticed:Periods of deep depression. Anxiety. Like horrible anxiety. Periods of insomnia. Fatigue. (I can drink a whole pot of coffee and still feel absolutely exhausted. A crippling feeling of doom. Like I dont want to leave the house because a fear of something bad happening but sitting at the house worrying about something bad happening. Almost a complete loss of sex drive." ~Mandi

"For six months, I've been experiencing increasingly debilitating, similar symptoms without knowing where to turn - especially when all conventional sources point to the "officially acclaimed" promises of ZERO side-effects outside of stronger cramps" ~Anastasia 

"Just had my copper IUD taken out and my doctor kept talking to me like I was basically making up a correlation between my health issues and the IUD ... She legit was making me feel bad and trying her best to hold herself back from talking me out of it." ~Jennifer

"I had [my copper IUD] for 8 solid years. I’ve had some really bad behavior health going on the past 5 years, so bad to where I got a divorce and became a single mother, then remarried. About two years ago I started having super bad anxiety, depression, and I couldn’t shake it. Everything would throw me over the edge. My new husband and I decided that we wanted to have a baby, so we went down and had my IUD removed. It hasn’t even been 2 weeks and I feel like a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT person! I am off all anxiety and depression medications, with no issues at all! That IUD ruined my first marriage, and started to ruin my new one." ~Sandra

"Within 48 hours of having the IUD inserted, I had a distinct yellow hue on my face, which was pointed out to me by others. It faded soon after. After those first two days, the roller coaster started. Symptoms included: depression (suicidal thoughts), anxiety, moodiness, over-sensitivity, weight gain, bloated face, increased appetite, "stress eating," heavy bleeding and cramping, lines on my face, muscle weakness, fatigue, brain fog, inability to make even the smallest decisions, inability to plan two steps ahead, inability to think creatively, and feeling totally overwhelmed. I cried all the time. This was very unlike me. I am not prone to depression.  I tried to take zinc, thinking it would counter the copper. I stopped taking it, however, because zinc made all the symptoms worse." ~Laurie

"I had my IUD taken out 5 days ago and I can't believe the affect it had on me! After researching I know I got copper toxicity from it and it ruined the best relationship I ever had. I only had it 4 months and had the horrendous cramps and periods but didn't realise the toll it was taking on my mental health, it basically turned me into a psychotic, stressful, emotional person which I didn't understand what was wrong with me but I knew I wasn't myself." ~Helen 

"Copper ruined my life for years. I had no idea that the birth control pills that I was taking (since I was 16 years old) were causing my body to increase retention of copper. All I knew was that I was dealing with extreme fatigue, anger, anxiety, painful periods and insomnia that made me feel like I was completely losing my mind.  I saw Doctors, Naturopaths and Nutritionists and not one of them considered copper toxicity as the driving force behind my experience." ~Kendra  

"Copper IUD turned me into a raging b*tch. I’m a lot nicer now that it’s been 3 months since the removal. My fiancé even commented on it." ~Katya

"first time i got copper coil after a few months i started suffering really bad with panick attacks and really bad anxiety, depression.... racing thaughts, not wanting to socialise and i was always a very sociable person...As time went on i started getting yeast infections, bacterial infections down there. Bad acne. Stuttering when speaking,low comcentration.unable to pull myself out bed in morning... i was like a zombie and on another planet....I had no sex drive at all. was like getting blood out of a stone. I use be oppisite before it,couldnt get enough." ~Edel 

"I have had the iud copper coil in for 3.5 months and honestly didn’t make the connection until last week - I have felt so unlike myself...my brain so foggy, such a short temper and an exhaustion I haven’t been able to describe. I have had almost constant diarrhoea and have been unable to get a good night sleep, and a constant nausea / morning sickness type feeling. Urgh.  But I think the most scary symptom has been my inability to feel excited about anything. I felt I was losing my mind." ~Holly

"The worst of it all is to realize how damaged my relationship with my bf is. He has seen the improves since I got the iud out, but my way to make this decision really hurt him and now the relationship is very hard. The clearness that’s coming to my mind to see how my behavior during these months, punched the relationship and his good will to help me, is making me grow up. I still wish none of this IUD thing happened in the first place."  ~Sue

"I have been suffering a lot [with the IUD]. My boyfriend is very upset with me. He loves me a lot. But he is unable to cope with my mental, emotional imbalances." ~Manisha 

"I had my IUD for 3 years, the first majority of it, I suffered from the IUD problems (unaware at the time) but the mental symptoms went from bad to severe in the last 6 months of that 3 year period. My partner of 1.5 years has stuck through it with me and...I am looking back on so many fights and hard moments we had struggled through because of my knee jerk reactions, my pessimistic outlook on my future, my anger flashes, crippling anxiety, memory loss, paranoid and anxious mind racing constantly... and I feel so sad. I do not feel bad, I know it was not me and not my fault and I have been seriously reflecting on the past. I have been in constant communication with him, I express my thankfulness to him a lot, for standing by my side and not abandoning me. I express to him how sorry I am, not for what I did, but for having to also be a victim of a cut throat medical world who would do anything just to make a buck, because they surely aren’t apologizing to anyone." ~Rachael 

"I only had mine for 4 weeks. And I’ve been working closely with a functional medicine doctor and I’m a holistic nutritionist and 8-9 months later I’m still not 100%.  I’ve had to treat two viruses from it. One in my liver and one in my uterus. I’ve had to treat hypothyroidism , Candida overgrowth and then lastly overall balancing of hormones vitamins and minerals ! It’s a process but the damage these IUDs cause is unbelievable." ~Cassie 

"Must be detoxing or something cause every night my back and arms start itching?? my thoughts are all over the place and I am pretty sure my boyfriend is leaving me...Panic attacks out of nothing and so so emotional...lack of sleep isnt helping either." ~Annemieke 

"When I'm around my cycle or my body is able to dump some copper everything gets bad. And I always am paranoid and afraid that my beautiful man is going to leave me. But we get through it, and I know it's just the effects of what's happening in my body. But when you are feeling so crazy it's hard to communicate to the ones you love, especially partners. You don't want to be a burden, especially a burden of this magnitude that you yourself deal with every day. You also know deep down that you are not crazy, but you feel crazy and want support, yet you don't want to sound crazy in asking for love and support through the craziness. All I know is that I frustrate my man, and I watch it almost out of body, and I will try to isolate and hide what's going on inside. But, being aware of whats happening and why it is, is so powerful. You don't have to go crazy all alone and loose treasured relationships in the process of trying to heal from a horrible illness. This is probably one of the worst things we will ever experience, allow yourself grace." Jessica

"My relationship with my boyfriend was perfect until a month ago I began to doubt and I don't know why.  I've had the copper IUD a year.  My copper IUD was removed yesterday." ~Cynthia

"I just went to the hospital a few days ago bc I had been having an anxiety attack for a month and started having major depression. They put me on Zoloft. I had the iud taken out yesterday. No one believed me that the iud was causing me these symptoms. I've had depression and anxiety before but this was unbearable. I had the iud for three years." ~Jenn

"I had mine removed it will be 1 year next month. It truly ruined me! I am now almost 1 year post removal and I finally feel like me again." ~Shannon 

" 'Copper toxicity is unreal. It cannot happen through the IUD' that's what my dr wants me to believe." ~Romayne

"I went with the copper IUD in October 2016. I took it out after 1 year because i pretty much thought I was going crazy with PMS and mood swings, had huge brain fog and couldn't concentrate and had really bad acne. I found out I had excessive copper in June this year after finding a good doctor." ~Cassie

"My IUD made me so sick. My symptoms didn't show up until between 6 months and a year.  Here is what I experienced:  Chronic fatigue, weight gain (40lbs), Massive hair loss, Random rashes, Food allergies/intolerance IBS, Anxiety, Depression (would cry all the time over nothing), PMS, Brain fog, Joint pain, I wanted to die......You can't tell me the IUD wasn't the cause, because within 3 months of taking it out my anxiety and depression were gone!" ~Shani

"My personality is normally easy going and pretty laid-back, But I noticed I was constantly angry a lot and always in a bad mood and extremely short tempered... I would feel good one moment and then I would be sobbing crying the next moment over nothing. I just wasn’t my normal self at all." ~ Ashley

"I didn't realise until after we'd broken up it was the copper that had basically changed me and ruined our relationship." ~Helen

"My ex and I were together for 3 years- I got the iud as a form of birth control for our healthy sex life. As the symptoms began to take their toll on me physically, mentally and emotionally, I was no longer able to shrug off even the slightest of things. After my body started showing some startling physical signs, I saw two doctors in March of 2018, whom both diagnosed me with adrenal failure and “severe depression”. He left me a few weeks later, 5 days before we were to move in together. He came to my house, several days after we had had an argument. With so little energy or ability to think clearly, i had simply gone silent as a means to an end. He found me in bed late one morning and asked “are we moving in together or not?” Knowing I would be majorly responsible for supporting us and feeling so unstable I simply stated “I don’t know if I should with how I’ve been feeling”. ...I did my best, I am sorry I lost myself, and if I had it to do all over again- I would in a heartbeat." ~Stevie

"I'd never experienced anxiety before I had mine fitted. Within 6 weeks of having it in I was constantly anxious, I felt on edge all the time like I was waiting for something to make me jump. It got worse and worse until I was off work and experiencing suicidal ideation. Within about 4 weeks of having it out I felt 95% better. That was a year ago, I now suffer from horrendous PMT but I'm recovered other than that. Still can't believe what I went through!" ~Gemma

"I’ve been struggling for about 7 months anxiety depression insomnia mood swings like crazy" ~Drea 

"really struggling with my fiance [on Yasmin pill]...she becomes emotional, depressed, crying for weird things, then unloving and uncaring about anything. then says she does not feel herself, or does not feel normal, and often confused about her feelings. She left our 15 year relationship end of January for a few days space...She has been off 1 month and she has hardly seen me, and gone from wanting space, to then saying she doesn't love me anymore to now breaking off our engagement. so odd...considering we have always said we are soul mates, best friends and have never had a hint of splitting up in 15 amazing years!" ~rp11

"I had no desire to do anything. My mind swam in the gutter. Mood swings to the point that I had to go back on antidepressants. Intense cramping. So unusual.

It took me four months of this until I finally connected it back to the possibility that it was linked to the copper IUD I had implanted. I took it out.  I went through the sea of even more intense mood shifts for about two weeks afterwards, as my body returned to normal." ~Rivka

"I was on birth control for 10 years, stopped in between two pregnancies but continued after 6 weeks postpartum period. My ob and primary care just kept pushing more antidepressants." ~Carolina

"Got the IUD in July, and started experiencing extreme hair loss in October... Between the extreme hair loss, deep depression, anxiety, joint pain, brain fog and more, I decided to have it removed" ~Sera

"I had my copper iud inserted about 6 months ago...I’ve noticed my mood swings have increased and getting very emotional about two weeks before my period is actually due, food cravings, depression and just anger for no reason." ~Milenka 

"I got the IUD put in about two months ago. After about two weeks, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling extremely out of it, racing thoughts, heart racing, panicked… this continued to occur for a couple of weeks. I constantly felt out of it and detached, was experiencing insomnia, fatigue, memory loss, brain fog, depression, anxiety, tingling in my back (and sometimes my whole body), random aches and pains." ~Jessica 

"I had my paragard placed after plenty of research and 4 different types of pills all of which made my emotions either crazy one way or the other making me completely numb. I start becoming obsessive compulsive, paranoid and seriously felt like I was a basket case. I was just down right hateful and angry for no reason just felt like hurting something or screaming or whatever I could to get it out. I am also experiencing depression, irritability, constant racing thoughts, dread, just anything negative and I am usually a very positive person so I am disgusted with myself. I explained it to my fiancé that I knew I was supposed to feel sorry for being mean to him so I said I was sorry but I couldn’t FEEL it!!" ~Michelle

"i had the copper coil fitted about 6 months ago , and i have been suffering with depression and panic attacks also i have breast pains and cramping pains, always bloated and no sex drive" ~Laura

"Crazy that after 9 months the headaches, mood swings and heart palpitations kicked in big time and I don't even feel like myself anymore! It's been affecting my relationship, so it's time to get this thing out!!" ~Colleen

"I opted for the Copper Coil, as it was hormone free I thought I would be fine. WRONG. Apart from the ridiculous amounts of constant discharge...it was the mood swings, PMT, tiredness and low sex drive that made me get it removed yesterday. The PMT was so bad I have literally have felt like Ive wanted to divorce my husband and some days couldnt even muster the energy to get out of bed and get dressed." ~Kelly

"3 years of IUD copper coil...my mind is always in disaster mode, the pain got worse to the point that in the last few months I have to have painkillers in my bag all the time... lately I can't even sleep which is why I'm not able to control overwhelming feeling and panick... I thought I was getting completely crazy, unable to take any decisions anymore, not able to withstand any change and just thinking the only option is to go on medication or to kill myself because it felt I am just getting worse with time. The quality of my life changed dramatically because I stopped and closed the door to anything who could upset me and lately everything and everyone does. Me and my partner are deciding to live separately because the situation is unbearable, and I am thinking that I won't be able to move out without medication" ~Betty

"My partner suffered from my mood swings and it made us argue constantly. Too add to this I was tired and had no energy..." ~Asa

"I had the copper coil in for last 2 years after birth of my last baby and I just had it taken out last week. I feel like I have completely lost my mind. I am normally a resilient, energetic, extremely upbeat, motivated person. Since I have had this in i'm anxious, negative, easily overwhelmed, very low energy, no sex drive, feelings of doom, irritable and quick to anger. GPs trying to put this down to post natal depression" ~Libby

"I've been in and out of the hospital non stop since i started using the copper iud... I used to be so happy and full of life and optimistic and now it's like I'm possessed or something." ~Lacey

"The mood swings are so bad that I get really bad headaches. I can't do it anymore. It is affecting my relationship with my husband and kids because they all think I am going crazy. I got this, so I could be free from the hormones. I guess that is wrong" ~Brittani

"I’ve had the Paragard for exactly a year now ...I’ve noticed that in the last few months I get irritated very easily (especially before my period), can’t seem to stop crying once I start, have anxious/depressive thoughts, and feel foggy-minded, such as not being able to speak as eloquently or not working as efficiently as much as I’d like to think I’m capable of." ~Tess

"I’m in recovery from copper toxicity. It plays terrible tricks in your mind, like total insanity. I’ve had awful suicidal depression. After a complete collapse of my body, brain and mental health, I can start to feel some mental clarity at times, adrenal and thyroid function returning, and learning so much about minerals and health." ~Irene

"Argghhhh I went to my Doctors with all of the information on copper toxicity after having a horrendous time with it... they referred me to gynaecology. Just come out of that appointment where the consultant said he’d never heard of anything I was saying in 28 years... suggested I went on the pill. I was made to feel completely stupid and ridiculous. I’m sitting here feeling like maybe I just imagined everything because of the way he spoke to me." ~Karen

"My experience is mostly about depression and anxiety, but paranoia came as a "bonus" I guess you could say... I was pushing all my loved ones away, and just couldn't understand how my boyfriend could put up with me in that state.. I was crying and felt a horrible sorrow every single day... I had depression induced by the combi pill 1 year ago, so I was familiar with the symptoms and knew it had to be the coil as that's the only thing I had brought into my life recently. Of course, when I went to the doctor they told me that it wasn't the coil, that its not possible to get such side effects and basically told me I was crazy" ~Madalina

"I had the copper IUD for past 5 years. That's also more or less the time when all my problem started. I strated being very confused and more sensitive. It even reached a moment when I had burn out and very very strong panic attacks. I broke up wit my boyfriend and started getting back to life. However I always felt pretty detached from the world....I have very low energy, always fatigue, depressed...my memory got immensely worse. I stopped smiling. I hate everything around me (including men)...aggressive and rude to others. I need help."  ~Alina  

"No appetite for two years, yet gaining weight, knees hips and finger joints are killing me, and a general feeling of tiredness! I just have to say that I experienced the paranoia, anxiety etc for two years, it nearly ruined my 21 year relationship." ~Anita

"I currently have had a Paraguard IUD for nearly a year. After 3 months from insertion, I noticed some changes in my behaviour and mentality... my hair was falling out, feeling fatigue, excess of white hair growth, muscle aches, abdomen pain, lower back pain, anxiety, depressive thoughts, etc." ~Suneet

"I just had the copper IUD inserted about two months ago... I have become the meanest angriest person. I can't remember anything, my skin is unbearable to look at." ~Zanele

"My story with the Paraguard copper IUD is a complete nightmare. I had it put in 8 years ago...I am now at a point in my life where my marriage is almost over because for the past 8 years I have had the worst PMS and mood swings." ~Kimmy

"I wasn't prepared for the side effects that would accompany the removal of this coil...I can honetsly say the first two months were absolutely awful. I was suicidal...first time I've ever experienced that. I developed social anxiety and could barely stand to be around other people. I would go through bouts of extreme lethargy and then uncontrollable rages. It killed me to see the looks on my children's faces when I was going through these irrational moments."  ~SV

"I have had copper issues ever since I got the copper IUD.  (Don't listen when they say it's impossible to go copper toxic on an IUD. It iS! And for me, it happened within a few months.)  I am not IUD free, but still feel the effects as it's difficult to copper detox. When I had the IUD, I had horrible anxiety almost every day.  It was a marked difference from my pre-IUD days."  ~Solara

"I had about 8 months of intense, horrifying mood swings and anxiety attacks.  I was definitely suicidal at time and could swing from that to complete RAGE within minutes.  It cost me one major friendship and very nearly ruined my relationship." ~Anonymous

"I had the IUD input in January of 2012.  Since then my health has gone to the lowest peaks of my life.  Mental wise...I have started have debilitating anxiety, depression (landing me in the hospital), panic attacks, irritability, irrational behaviour, loss of focus concentration, loss of sex drive, all these things have almost ruined my relationship, job and over all outlook. The doctors have diagnosed me with multiple things (ADD, bipolar, depression) throughout the last two years been on who knows how many medicines none of which work just make everything worse." ~Nancy

"After insertion in November 2012, I immediately felt horrible pain and cramping...I started feeling "off" in my mind. My reality felt unreal. These spells of unreality prompted my first panic attack; I believed I was dying, that my reality had shifted and I was stuck in some sort of hell... when I asked my doctor, I was prescribed Xanax...and she said it was impossible that my IUD was causing these symptoms. My boyfriend, who has been wonderful for the last 4 years, was as supportive as he could be but I knew that he was terrified of what was happening to me." ~Anonymous

"Anxiety, hair loss, fatigue, horrible cramps, I didn't wanna be near my kids or husband I was borderline depressed and hated life!!!" ~Brittany

"My husband and I have been going through this exact same thing, we've been close to calling it quits. We have raging fights...I don't know where all the anger comes from...the only reason that I believe we are still together is that we were together pre-IUD so he knows that I have not always been this way." ~Nancy

"I've had my paragard since July 2011, and since then I've had tons of problems...literally I feel at times I can't control my anger, I scream at my kids, everything bothers me. So confused, and my doctor doesn't believe that my IUD could do any of this." ~Allison

Given all these experiences, is it not time that the fields of women's health, mental health, and relationship counseling start paying attention and addressing this IUD / copper connection?

Turning a blind eye solves nothing; denying the copper connection simply adds to the problem. Caring for each other, sharing experiences, listening, and working together to increase awareness, we can be part of the solution.

A FEW MORE cases

Melanie (late 30s, Female, UK)
Childhood /  Background:  N/A
Copper IUD:  YES
Vegetarian:  NO
Major Post-IUD Symptoms:  brain fog, anxiety, panic, numbed feelings, irrational thinking, personality change
Effect of Relationships: Shut out family members for many months while detoxing
What has helped: nutritional balancing based on frequent HTMA monitoring
Summary: Had copper IUD for 4 months.  One week post insertion came feelings of intense rage.  Two months after insertion she was experiencing hair loss, anxiety, and dizziness, along with increasing brain fog and fatigue.  After removing IUD and starting detox (which initially focused on increasing zinc and vitamin C), the psychological symptoms worsened. She adopted a viewpoint at that time that 'nothing was wrong with her, only others'.  The detox made her copper levels rise. A calcium shell formed and for certain important people in her life she "didn't care or feel anything", and this was further corroborated through HTMA results which showed very high levels of calcium.  She has been detoxing for 2 years, during which time both physically and emotionally she has been riding the 'copper dumping roller coaster' - at times showing improvement but then falling worse again, repeating the cycle.   For the past year+ she has been monitoring her supplementation and progress through regular HTMA tests. Two years post IUD removal her levels are now coming back into balance, her calcium shell has dissolved, and for the first time in over 2 years she is truly feeling better. 

Arianne (early 30s, Female, USA)
Childhood / Background:  N/A
Copper IUD: Unknown
Vegetarian: YES
Major Symptoms: depression, anxiety, paranoid thoughts, leaky gut, food sensitivities, brain fog
Effect on Relationships:  Lost or compromised most relationships.
Summary: Has a long history of leaky gut, and has followed a long-term strict vegan diet since teen years, the latter she believes being the primary cause of her copper dysregulation.  Throughout her 20s symptoms of depression, anxiety, paranoia, and food sensitivities increased.  Suffered a heavy copper crash weeks after giving birth, along with PPD.  After her 2nd child, symptoms worsened.  She was starving nutritionally, and was found to have high copper with very low zinc, as well as low Mg, B-vitamins, and molybdenum.  She stopped being able to think and make decisions.  At this point was put on liquid ionic zinc, but would throw it up.  Symptoms worsened with the zinc, compromising or losing most relationships, and leading to isolation, withdrawal, lack of ability to feel love, and increasing judgment of others. Her memory has become quite affected.

Karen (late 20s, Female, USA)
Childhood / Background:  n/a
Copper IUD: YES
Vegetarian: YES
Major Symptoms: brain fog, anxiety, paranoia, calcium shell, loss of emotion
Effect on Relationships:  Suddenly ended an otherwise happy 2 year relationship
Summary:Had been vegetarian for many years (a high copper diet). Two months after having a copper IUD put in however, she began experiencing negative symptoms, including really bad fatigue, and joint pain.  Six months after the IUD was inserted, she ended an 18 month relationship that otherwise was a happy one. With the increasing anxiety, brain fog, insomnia, and paranoia she felt, she was suddenly "just done with him" and left.  For the next 5 years she lived in what she believed later was the calcium shell - going through life numb, like a zombie, creating a whole life for herself with work and a new relationship (which turned out abusive) just to 'find' some happiness. Her calcium shell began dissolving after 5 years, at which point she became aware of what had happened.  During the calcium shell "I don't think anyone could have gotten through to me". After discovering the connection copper played in all this she then began supplementing with zinc. This opened the floodgates and brought out a lot of negative emotions.  Taking the zinc "I got to a point where I didn't want to care for anyone". Adding meat back into the diet has helped. Initially it increased the copper dumping symptoms, but month by month she is showing improvement.

Paige (late 30s, Female, Australia)
Childhood /  Background:  
Copper IUD:  N/A
Vegetarian:  YES
Major Post-IUD Symptoms:  
Effect of Relationships: broke up with partner
What has helped: adding meat back into diet, adding minerals based on HTMA monitoring
Summary:Has had a history of digestive issues and IBS. Long term vegetarian. Drinking (well) water upon being tested was found to contain copper.  Suffered from migraines, but doctors dismissed them as simply 'stress-related'.  Symptoms worsened with growing fatigue and depersonalization (difficulty relating to people).  Her adrenals crashed and thyroid slowed. She broke up with her partner because neither could understand her personality change, and yet she "didn't give a shit" at the time.  "I was numb to everything almost like emotions had been shut down and I just didn't feel anything." A death in the family created more stress.   An HTMA test showed very high copper and calcium (with the calcium shell), and zinc deficiency.   Upon adding zinc and detoxing her symptoms grew worse, with the worst dumping symptoms beginning as she began supporting her adrenals.  She experienced the typical roller coaster effect of copper dumping with peaks and drops for over a year.  Most important factor in healing has been repairing the digestive tract and adding meat back into the diet. Initially adding meat was difficult because her body had trouble digesting the protein, but after several months it became easy.  Noticeable overall improvement now 2 years in.

Bonnie (mid-50s, Female, USA)
Childhood / Background:  emotional issues stemming from father, abandonment
Copper IUD: Unknown
Vegetarian: No
Major Symptoms: insomnia, moody, fatigue, depression, borderline personality disorder
Effect on Relationships:  divorced husband and has destroyed friendships and relationships
Summary:As a child she suffered from a lot of emotional issues stemming from her father, including abandonment - an anemic, difficult to control child with adrenal issues even then. As a result she pushed herself harder than most to prove she could 'keep up'. Brain fog began appearing in teen years, and in 20s was diagnosed bi-polar, with an explosive temper. In late 20s symptoms worsened after first child (depression, multiple breakdowns, moodiness, loss of sex drive for most of each month, severe fatigue). A copper overload was subsequently discovered. This copper overload was passed on to her child who was then diagnosed with Tourettes, ADHD, and Bipolar II. Divorced husband in an extreme and non-level headed manner. She has been trying for many years to lower her copper levels. Vitamin B6 has been helpful, but anything more puts her over the edge.  Copper toxicity has "destroyed my physical and emotional life and relationships."

Sandy (late 30s, Female, USA)
Childhood / Background:  abandonment by father
Copper IUD: Unknown
Vegetarian: No
Major Symptoms: fatigue, depression, emotionless
Effect on Relationships:  n/a
Summary:  Has abandonment issues and trust issues with men, stemming with her father walking out of her life entirely as a child. Had allergies requiring medication from age 6 to 18.  At 18, she was diagnosed with depression and has been on anti-depressants ever since.  In 20s, she suffered from fatigue along with low zinc and elevated copper. Those conditions, combined with a stressful, traumatic event then led into a calcium shell from age 25-27. During this time she was "emotionless and went through life like a zombie".  Has been working on balancing minerals ever since. 

Lisa (mid-20s, Female, Canada)
Childhood / Background:  adopted at birth, unhealthy adolescence in teen years
Copper IUD: YES
Vegetarian: YES
Major Symptoms: extreme fatigue, loss of passion for life, addictive behaviour, anxiety, irritable, withdrawn
Effect on Relationships:  withdrawn, challenging
Summary:Growing up she had an unhealthy adolescence, drank, and used recreational drugs moderately. Considered to have an addictive personality.  Used birth control pills from age 14 to 15, and subsequently the copper IUD for almost 4 years from age 15 to 18. Strict vegetarian diet from 18 to 19.  History of emotionally abusive partners in her teen years through to her early 20’s including the father of her child.  All major current symptoms began around age 22 while pregnant, these including:  extreme fatigue, loss of passion for life, lack of interest in anything, social anxiety, easily overwhelmed, hard to finish projects, addictive behaviour, extreme sugar cravings, withdrawn, impatience, quick to anger, mood swings, lack of self worth.  From age 24 she has been seeing a therapist to improve her habits, cognitive behaviour, emotional challenges and instability. HTMA testing reveals a Slow Metabolizer with a 4-low pattern and copper dysregulation. 

Maddy (late 30s, Female. UK)
Childhood / Background:  n/a
Copper IUD: YES
Vegetarian: No
Major Symptoms: racing mind, brain fog, fatigue, auditory hallucinations, paranoia, personality change
Effect on Relationships:  Severe toll on husband
Summary: After having the copper IUD put in, Maddy began experiencing brain fog and increasing fatigue. After removal, she began detox, and this is when her most severe symptoms began, including insomnia, paranoia, auditory hallucinations, strange sensations, and distorted perception. She has become very mistrusting of her husband, though he stands by her. She has lost interest in recreational activities she used to very much enjoy before beginning detox.  She shut out many of her friends, cutting them off completely. At the time of this posting she has been detoxing for 3 years. Symptoms are still severe, yet she is aware of what is happening. She is now allowing those previously excluded friends back into her life, not because she feels anything for them or feels bad for them, but only because she feels it's the right thing to do by societal standards (ie: no emotion behind the decision).  Her 3 year struggle has been very hard.

Reese (late 30s, Female)
Childhood / Background:  n/a
Copper IUD: YES
Vegetarian: YES
Major Symptoms: fatigue, loss of emotion, anxiety, fear, irritable, 
Effect on Relationships:  n/a
Summary:Became vegetarian at age 14, and was on the estrogen pill for the latter half of her teen years. From age 20 to 25 she had a copper IUD.  One year after insertion she became flat emotionally and fatigued. These symptoms have not subsided. In early 30s her life became very stressful, and her reactions to the stress would be characterized as 'abnormal' - reacting to things that normally would not bother her.  Racing thoughts,  horrible images, and a psychotic episode led to prescription anti-psychotics and anti-depressants. This only made things worse. After a couple of years she went off those medications and onto anti-seizure meds, and this seemed to help. However the racing mind, fatigue, irritability, and disconnected feeling still continued. At 35 her fatigue became extreme, and at that point she was finally diagnosed with copper toxicity. While still seeking solutions, zinc citrate, St. John's Wort, and wormwood seem to exacerbate symptoms. 

Barb (early 20s, Female, USA)
Childhood / Background:  N/A
Copper IUD: YES
Vegetarian: NO
Major Symptoms: depression, anger, irritability,  sense of overwhelm, fatigue
Effect on Relationships:  almost divorced husband
Summary:Had copper IUD for 1 year. The first few months were fine, but 5 to 6 months in physical and mental symptoms began.  Everything became overwhelming and irritating to her.  Negative thoughts prevailed. No patience for her husband, couldn't stand being with him, he didn't understand the changes he was seeing, and this led to constant fighting.  Relationship almost ended in divorce. Four months post removal she became pregnant, with pregnancy ending in miscarriage which she feels was caused by the effects the copper IUD had physically on her body.  

Raegan (mid 30s, Female, Canada)
Childhood / Background: N/A
Copper IUD: YES
Vegetarian: NO
Major Symptoms: fatigue, depression, psychosis, anxiety
Effect on Relationships: divorced husband
Summary:  Over 10 years on various birth control pills, all the while struggling with increasing anxiety, depression, sense of numbness, developed IBS, and even attempted suicide.  After having children, she had a copper IUD inserted. 4-6 months after insertion she became apparent of increased negative emotions, irrationality, anxiety, and numbing of emotion/ loss of attraction toward her husband which led at the time to her divorcing him.  She later had the IUD removed, and a year post-removal, though feeling calmer and more at peace, is still dealing with copper toxicity and various associated symptoms as she begins a re-balancing program. 

Susan (mid 30s, Female)
Childhood / Background:  n/a
Copper IUD: YES
Vegetarian: YES
Major Symptoms: mental issues, mood swings, fatigue 
Effect on Relationships:  Lost friends and hurt family
Summary:Has been on various firms of birth control since age 16. However at age 32 she had the copper IUD inserted. This began a horrible cascade of mental and emotional issues, including constant mind racing, fears, severe anxiety, and uncontrollable mood swings.  Post-IUD removal and beginning detox, she found that any supplements or heavy detox made the symptoms worse. It took a severe toll on her husband, children, and friends.  She began re-introducing meat back into her diet, and together with an overall balanced diet, has begun feeling herself again after 2 years post-removal.  

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