Recommended books & sites + reference list

"The Strands of Health: A Guide to Understanding Hair Mineral Analysis"

by Dr. Rick Malter, PhD

"Energy: How it affects your emotions...level of achievement...and entire well being"

by Chatsworth, Cachay & Eck

"Trace Elements and Other Essential Nutrients"

by Dr. David L Watts

"Why Am I Always So Tired?: Discover How Correcting Your Body's Copper Imbalance Can..."

by Ann Louise Gittleman

"The Healing Workbook: A 12 Week Step by Step Program…"

by Rick D. Fischer

"The Calcium Lie II"

by Dr. Robert Thompson


Good overview of copper toxicity

A Few Selected Websites

HTMA Testing & Consulting


Good overview of copper toxicity

List of References

Copper Toxicity Overviews

[18, 24] The Nutritional Relationships of Copper (Dr. Watts)
Excess Copper as a Factor in Human Diseases
An Introductory Nutritional Balancing Protocol
Misconceptions Surrounding Copper and Copper Toxicity
The 'Copper Capers' Nightmare
[14, 23, 25]

Other Copper Related: Scientific / Adrenals / Hormones / Diet / Mental Health
Seminal Article by Dr. Paul Eck on the Relationship Between Minerals, Energy and Emotions
Trace Elements and Neuropsychological Problems in TMA Patterns
Vegetarianism and Body Chemistry A Research Report
Effect of Estrogen on Serum and Tissue Levels of Copper and Zinc






[17] Karl E. Mason: A Conspectus of Research on Copper Metabolism and Requirements of Man, The Journal of Nutrition. Volume 109, Number 11, Nov 1979, pp 1979-2066

























[57] Use of AntiDepressants Continue to Rise






Pfeiffer Carl C., PhD, MD, Mailloux R: Excess Copper as a Factor in Human Disease. Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine Vol. 2. No.3, 1987, pp171-182

Pfeiffer Carl C., PhD, MD and Scott LaMola, B.S: Zinc and Manganese in the Schizophrenias,  Journal of Orthomolecular Psychiatry, Vol 12, No 3, 1983

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