This site was created as a work of love to bring education and awareness to copper toxicity, together with increased support for those affected. If you're struggling with copper toxicity (or think you might be), this page provides a step-by-step overview for a suggested path forward. 

1. Read through as much of this site as you can to learn about copper toxicity. Understand some of the common symptoms.  Learn how the IUD or Pill, or your diet, may have contributed.  If your relationship has been affected, understand the role copper (or the corresponding calcium shell and weakened adrenals) could be playing on your emotions, or read some of the many stories and cases shared here.   Come to understand why copper toxicity continues to remain misunderstood by reading this page, or sit back and watch the Copper Toxicity Movie.  Gain free insight on how to detox the body through the general healing resources on this page.  Learn how to get properly tested, including why standard blood testing can be so misleading. And be sure to click the MORE tab above where you'll find still more information and resources.

2. Get tested. Only through proper testing will you know if, in fact, copper toxicity is the culprit. A blood test can discover copper toxicity IF copper is circulating in the body at the time of testing, but once the source of excess copper is removed, or copper is not being mobilized, the blood level will likely show normal.  A normal blood level is absolutely NOT an indication of copper toxicity status or detoxification progress. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) remains the gold standard test for understanding copper toxicity and, more importantly, provides guidance for safe healing and mineral re-balancing. One option for ordering your HTMA test is through

3. Follow a well-designed detox / balancing program.  The HTMA results provide a wealth of information for guiding a copper toxicity detox and rebalancing protocol.  All too often practitioners simply focus on boosting the adrenals and giving zinc to 'balance' copper, but this ignores all the potentially negative detox reactions of copper mobilization as well as the need to approach 'copper' by taking into consideration the patient's overall mineral profile. Slow and steady is the best approach to avoid adverse reactions.  Since the process can take months to years in some cases, patience and kindness to yourself is important, along with ongoing HTMA-based monitoring.  Equally important is educating yourself on potential emotional detox reactions so as not to fall victim to decisions they might lead to. 

4. Join a Tribe!  If indeed you are copper toxic, it can be especially helpful to have a tribe around you who understands what you're going through. I have brought together several of the world's most respected experts and researchers in this field. As well, during my years of research, clinical practice, and developing this site as a support tool, a lady half way around the world was also developing her own support system for those with copper toxicity.  Kirby Amour, who healed herself through copper toxicity, has created an emotional support system and copper toxicity "survival guide".  Kirby and I have teamed up to offer the most complete copper toxicity support program available.  You can join her tribe and program at, and by using promo code RICKWELLNESS you'll receive a very special purchase discount.   (Alternatively, for all my clients who order the "Platinum Package" here, in addition to the HTMA testing, guidance and bonuses, you'll also receive completely free access to Kirby's full program and support).

5. Spread Awareness. One of the best things we can do, beyond our own healing, is spread awareness in order to help others connect the dots, to increase pubic support and societal understanding, and help shift our health consciousness so that future generations may not needlessly be affected.  The copper IUD has been one of several key factors leading to the copper toxicity epidemic, and there are several awareness campaigns you can join specifically in this regard, including:

As well, if there's anyone you know who you feel could benefit from the information here, we encourage you to share this site and spread the word. You're also welcome to copy and insert the square banner below into your page or social media postings so long as it links back to